Saudis Theaten Relations with US after UN Veto

Once again, Saudi Arabia has gone on record in that an American UN veto of Palestinian statehood would US relations with the Arab world in danger.  Saudi Prince Faisel writes that both the US and Israel are missing a chance to further isolate not just Iran but Syrian dictator Assad by not resolving the Palestinian statehood crisis.  He makes the case in usually strong language:

American support for Palestinian statehood is therefore crucial, and a veto will have profound negative consequences. In addition to causing substantial damage to American-Saudi relations and provoking uproar among Muslims worldwide, the United States would further undermine its relations with the Muslim world, empower Iran and threaten regional stability. Let us hope that the United States chooses the path of justice and peace.

Of course, political posturing will be on over-drive in the days leading up to the September 20th opening UN session and the Saudis have their own fears of contagion from Arab Spring.  But Saudi Arabia has already bucked US policy on the Arab Spring by invading Bahrain.  It promises a continued independent course if the US vetoes a Security Council resolution on statehood.

Is a UN veto so important that the US is willing to risk the wrath not ‘just’ of the Arab public but frayed relations with the oil states?  Is Israel so important that the US bets its influence and standing in the Arab world on a veto benefiting Israel only?  Is the Obama Administration naive enough to think that the Oslo process is still the road to a two-state solution if Saudi Arabia and other Arab states want to use the UN and Arab Peace Plan to get two states co-existing in peace? For goodness sake, Israel’s made a mockery of Oslo by refusing to halt settlements on Palestinian land throughout the so-called Oslo process of the last twenty years.

There is no excuse for what a mess this Administration has made of Arab-Israeli policy.  Special envoy Dennis Ross, the longtime peace process negotiator, should resign immediately.  He hasn’t produced a thing in over 20 years of work on this issue.  Obama needs to listen to fresh voices.  Immediately

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