Romney’s Right about Class Warfare

Republican presidential candidate Mitch Romney denounces Occupy Wall Street protesters as engaging in ‘class warfare.’  He’s right.  But Occupy Wall Street didn’t start it.  The oligarchy that controls Wall Street has waged class warfare relentlessly on everyone not in their class for the last 12 years.

How else would you classify relentless selling of sub-prime mortgages that mortgage firms had no reason to believe would ever be paid back is full.  What else would you call selling ARMs and interest only loans to naive, underfinanced clients whose were proud they could finally own their own home.  What does it mean when US bankers sell sub-prime securities to German banks, push up the market and them create other ‘securities’ that other clients used to short them?  Much of the more outrageous examples of class warfare against the non-oligarchs is documented my Michael Lewis in “Boomerange” and two other exposes of the financial crisis.

Some people have jumped on a bandwagon criticizing Occupy Wall Street as being unfocused and without demands.  How much more focused can you get than setting up tents and taking over streets in New York’s financial district to make the point that the oligarchical system that created the crisis has yet to be brought to justice by the American people.

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