Success in life can be reduced to what you see when you read and what you hear when you listen.  I learned to ‘read between the lines’ during the Vietnam War when I realized that what the media didn’t say was often more important to a story than what they did.  “Reading Between the Lines” is both acquired habit and attitude.  Skepticism is the basis.
During a long career, I represented private clients in legislative and regulatory forums, where a word or the punctuation could change the meaning of a bill.   The polished position papers from so-called ‘stakeholders’ on an issue often enlightened in their very practiced obscurity.   Or left a thread hanging that, when pulled, unraveled their entire 3o-page argument.  I especially appreciated the ones that skipped over a point that the writer was too lazy to investigate: the unseen Achilles heel that does them in.  You see a lot of Achilles stomping down and crushing the fine points in politics and media today.
Not every post in my blog follow a strict ‘between-the-lines’ format.   Some are straight opinion or important for their links to other sites. I wish more people would comment on the posts (or anything else) on the site.
I live in Chicago and spend a lot of time in the Rocky Mountain states.