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I have suspended writing new posts for this blog.  I watch the Republican presidential debates and listen to the debate about bombing Iran and am speechless.  There is hardly anything left to say.

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Florida: Epicenter of Bigotry

Inexplicably, The New York Times ran a fine expose of the Florida Family Association, which successfully petitioned Lowes Corporation to pull its commercials from the TV Show ‘All-American Muslim’ in its Religion section near the end of its ‘A’ section.

David Caton is the founder and only member of the co-called Florida Family Association, a split-off from the American Family Association.  Anti-Muslim bigotry is so intense in America today that one man with an email list scared Lowe’s Home Improvement into dropping sponsorship of the Learning Channel’s ‘All-American Muslim’ – a reality show depicting Muslims as regular Americans dealing with all the problems in life in the same way most of us do.

This is unbelievable.  First Florida gives us the pastor who announced to the world that he will burn a copy of the Koran.  Now we have one guy on his own campaign to cancel the one show on American TV that seeks to portray an honest portrait of Muslim Americans.

Why?  Because there are no terrorists in the show!  Caton ‘reasons’ that the show contains a corrupting, hidden agenda to make Islam acceptable in the US.  I guess once it is accepted as part of religious life in the US, the ‘hidden agenda’ will be released by ginnies inside a magic bottle.

I didn’t know it was so easy to fool American corporate executives.  Didn’t Lowe’s advertising people do a tiny bit of research? Where did their spokeswoman get the idea that ‘All-American Muslim’ is a ‘controversial show’?  I’ve never seen it but the only things I’ve seen written about it is that it’s boring.  The real live of Muslims are too boring for reality TV!

I don’t believe in one-person, moral boycotts.  But I know I’d never shop in a Lowe’s again.  Crass consumerism aside, this company is run by social  idiots.




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Last GOP Debate!! Thank God!

All hail the last GOP debate!  I watched the first 1 1/2 hours of it.  Once again, Bachmann stood out as relentless.  Perry did better but not that much better.  I thought Newt got into a style of ‘explaining’ his positions instead of throwing them out as bombs.  Doesn’t work for him.  It got boring.  Sort of like: oh, here we go again, they’re distorting my words, I have to set them right, so here’s what I really said blah, blah, blah.  He’s too comfortable in his feisty skin.

Romney was on fire.  His response to Newt’s criticism of Bain Capital deals was inspired, especially bringing up how many jobs were lost by Obama’s restructuring of GM. ‘You win some, you lose some.’

Fox must have really be chagrined by the flack it took from other media about putting down Ron Paul in their highly condescending coverage of his campaign because Ron got a lot of face time and used it well, making a strong case about why Iran is not a threat to the US.

In short, the debate was predictable, covered no new ground and hopefully all participants went home and took a long shower with lye soap.  That’s what I’m going to do.  The new meme out there: the ‘cootie’ defense.



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Barbara Walters Shocked by Cain!

Herman Cain has done what Quddafi, Fidel, Arafat and dozens of celebrities, straight or hyped on drugs could not! He took her totally off guard. Watch it!

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The Pathetic Drake Republican Debate

Horrible Dictu!   This debate has centered around:

1. Killing Obamacare

2. No amnesty for illegal immigrants

3.  Bibi Netenyahu is ‘my’ friend

4.  Character counts: you should not cheat on your wife/husband.

Pathetic doesn’t describe this.   All it has become is reality TV in which the quickest, in-your-face responses spell the winner.

They all want to kill Obamacare.  Does that mean my insurance next year does not have to cover my ‘wellness’ physical and gynecological exams?  without applying to deductible?  Does it mean my 23-year-old nephew without a job will be dropped by his parents insurance?

Who supported the individual mandate?  The insurance companies refused to offer to cover the uninsured unless and until an individual mandate was law.  Why?  It’s business, guys.  Only if all Americans paid into the insurance funds through individual mandates would the insurance giants agree to offer insurance plans to the riskier uninsured population.  Actuary tables are the sole driver of the ‘individual mandate’.

How do you deport 11 million people.  That would be like deporting the entire Jewish population of the US.  How will farmers harvest crops without itinerent farm workers?  How will the lawns on mansions in Beverly Hills be cultivated?  How will the “Grand Old Opry Hotel” stay financially solvent?

So, were PM Barak and PM Olmert, who steadfastly pursued a negotiated two-state solution not your friends, dear Mitt and Newt?  Were their efforts a betrayal of their country?

Character counts.  We all have good marriages with lots of children.  Newt ran right over them.  “It’s an important issue.  I said I’d made mistakes.”  The prodigal son was shown favor over the loyal son.







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Israel Shuts Down Dovish Radio

The Israeli Communications Ministry has ordered a peace-oriented radio station broadcasting in Hebrew from the West Bank to shut down.  What’s interesting here is the ham-fisted nature of the shut-down and contradicting reasons being given for it.

According to the , the chief of the Ministry said the station was hurting Israeli stations economically!  This is a tactic Israel has used before to stifle the mobile phone industry in the West Bank by forbidding the Palestinian use of a transmission chip used the world over in cell phone technology and blaming it on ‘security’.  Yet, Palestinians can buy phones with similar technologies from Israeli companies.

Regarding the ‘All for Peace’ radio station, right-wing Knesset member, Danny Danon was probably right:

Conservative lawmaker Danny Danon boasted that he had helped close the “All for Peace” radio station. Danon, a member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party, claimed the Communications Ministry shuttered the station at his request, after he claimed it “incited” against Israel.

The station pointed out that it’s been operating since 2004 without any problems with the Ministry and will take the government to court to get the order lifted.







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Can Romney Get Away with This?

The last week brought of his Presidential campaign.  In it, Romney quoted President Obama saying  “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.”  In fact, Obama was quoting a McCain aide who used this line.  Those were McCain’s, not Obama’s words. Attributing McCain’s words to Obama is more than beyond deceitful.  It’s aggressive lying.

Tonight on PBS, David Brooks admitted that the lie was intentional.  The Romney campaign intentionally did a bait and switch on the McCain quote to cause an uproar from Democrats and the Administration so Romney could appear tough on Democrats and unafraid of taking on Obama to conservative Republican primary voters.

So this is what we can expect for the 2012 campaign.  The 2008 contest focused on personality, out-of-context quotes and events and name-calling.  Next year will be worse.





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Media Bias on Egyptian Violence

The Nightly News at NBC is a perfect example of unbalanced reporting – it’s not that they slanted the news toward a liberal or conservative narrative.  They slanted it toward cynicism by focusing on the violence at Tahrir Square over the last few days and under-reporting the reasons for that violence.

Any violence in Tahrir Square is a result of the military council’s refusal to move promtly towards fullfilling the democracy it claims to protect.  The last straw was the SCAF’s guidelines for a new constitution that earmarked military prerogatives over civilian rule.  That was exactly the model Mubarak used to control Egypt for 40 years. And this model would destroy any moves towards real democracy in Egypt.

The violence was in reaction to a police route of peaceful demonstrators demanding an end to military rule.  But at least the Western media echoes the fears of President Obama and others that things may get out of hand with elections in Egypt taking place over the next month.

The US government can’t straddle this issue.  If it doesn’t come full force in favor of the democratic demands of the reform movement, it sides with the resurfacing of the old regime.  Sec. Clinton can’t say the delay of elections by the military council if ‘appropriate’ and still claim the US is behind the protesters.

The American people were transfixed with the Egyptian Arab Spring, but now the news media makes it look like that Spring is going nowhere.  Once again, the Middle East is being profiled as irreparably violent and sectarian.

Expect the Obama Administration to go easy on the military council, SCAF, in fear of ‘democratic chaos’.  The chaos, however, will continue until the Egyptian people elect their own civilian government.




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